OK Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is a venture company born from the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology.

Composite fiberoptic technology allows for transmission of image data and laser over a coaxial composite optical fiber. We leverage this technology in industrial equipment and medical devices to create new value all around the world.


Minimally invasive laser treatment

We are developing instruments that enable laser procedures with minimal impact to the patient's body. Our composite optical fiberscope enables surgeons to perform precise laser treatment while looking at the site.
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A welding tool with a view

By combining the optical fibers for image transmission and laser into a single coaxial composite fiber, welding in a confined space with poor view of the weld joint becomes an easy task.
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Research and development

The composite optical fiber enables simultaneous transmission of image data and high-energy laser. This technology was developed at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for a special tool used in maintenance and servicing of nuclear fusion reactors and large-scale nuclear facilities. We are currently applying this technology in the medical field as part of a diagnostic/treatment system that integrates various measurement devices.

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