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Industrial products

Design and manufacture of coupling devices and laser welding torches

We can design and manufacture coupling devices or laser welding torches according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Coupling devices

We manufacture coupling devices that separate the image and laser beam from our composite optical fiberscopes. The optical image at the end of the composite fiberscope is projected onto the camera's sensor array (CCD, CMOS, etc.). The operator can see the area of interest and irradiate the laser at the center of the image.

Laser welding torch

We are developing a hand-held welding system that can be inserted into piping as narrow as 1 inch in diameter. The small, lightweight torch uses composite optical fibers to enable viewing and welding inside a pipe under manual control. Special goggles enable simultaneous viewing of the actual image and the welding site, improving safety and ease of operation.

About the laser welding torch
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